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7 reasons why Indians should use beauty products made from India than western products!

shutterstock_338597981   How many times have we changed our skin care routine thinking there must be something wrong with it. How can we achieve that spotless skin tone that our India celebs have on! The reasons are simple. Read On!  
  1. Western world has, since the modern times, been the symbol of development, prosperity and modernity. Thus people in other countries feel that by emulating the Western culture they will become modern and developed, even if it means at the cost of their own culture. This is the cultural hegemony that the West has over the rest of the world. This unfortunately is applicable to even our skin care routine
  2. Indian beauty products have a much more natural base of ingredients. They have very little chemical influence.
  3. Indian beauty products were first created and tested on Indian skin and based on the India weather. Western products are tested based on the other extreme end. Naturally, those tested on our genetics work better on us than western products.
  4. Western products are heavily advertised with advert consultants and branding experts wherelse the Indian adverts and branding are probably exactly how they were 50 years ago. This blocks our ability to recognize our own brands.
  5. Indian products are way cheaper than western products. Chandrika soap for example can be purchased for just a dollar plus and it is natural and has been working miracles on skins for decades.
  6. Even western beauty products are now emulating Ayurveda. Examples are Aveda, Left and Chanel. Even the western world has been convinced of the goodness of the Indian products but the Indians haven’t! Read more here: http://nyti.ms/24RUVsj
  7. Besides western products having Indian influences, India beauty products have stormed the western markets as well. Beauty industry is recognizing the healing ailments of natural ayurvedic products and the damages caused by chemically enhanced products. Read more here: http://bit.ly/1SYNUWc
  8. Last reason being the fact that Indian products are now easily available on Dei.com.sg and convenience of purchase is no longer an excuse to get that perfect flawless skin tone!
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