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Accentuating the Beauty of Dark Skin

shutterstock_311815943   1.Picking the right Foundation Believe me! I know how hard it can be to get the right foundation tones for deep skin, especially over the counter tops in Singapore. Thus a lot of us dark skinned ladies conform to using lighter shades of foundation. This is not a good thing as they often end up looking chalky after the makeup sets. Dark skinned ladies usually have yellow or golden undertones. Study your undertones and get foundations that match. If you’re looking for drugstore products, Revlon ColorStay Foundation is amazing, though the only downside is that Singapore doesn’t sell shades darker then Toast (a mid-tone brown), so I would suggest getting it online. Also another alternative would be to go with Mac and Bobbi Brown which cater to dark skinned ladies as well. Just be careful about picking the right color! Tip : Instead of testing the foundation out on your hands, test it on your chin or cheeks and if the color disappears, that’s the right shade! 2. Highlight and Contour How can this not be on the list! I’ve been thanking God everyday for this beauty regime that changed the makeup game forever! A makeup technique recently made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, is to create light and dark areas to sculpt and shape the face in a pleasing way. Using highlighting and contouring, you can manipulate the shape of your face to appear more sculptured. If you don’t already know how to do this, it’s about time you learnt! There are tons of YouTube video tutorials to guide you. The reason why I’m so in love with this is because of the fact that I can look much brighter and also have my features more defined. Try it for yourselves and you’ll know! beaty 3.Pick Matte Foundations While oily skin is a pretty universal skin type among all women, dark-skinned girls who have it tend to also have enlarged pores, which can lead to extra oil production. Look for foundations that help soak up your skin's natural oils and use a pore-reducing product nightly to minimize pores' appearance. Don’t forget that primer before all these! 4.Don’t Pile on Don't pile tons of foundation on your face.There's really no need for you to wear layers of makeup on your face. If you're trying to hide breakouts or hyperpigmentation, however, apply a sheer application of your foundation and then let your concealer do the rest of the work. Simply dab a stick concealer (they're usually thicker) onto your problem spot and blend the formula into your skin using a slightly damp makeup sponge to help move the cover-up around. 5.Powder Speaking of oily skin, we want to make sure that we have the oily part on lockdown. So never forget your powder after your foundation! Again, finding the right shade of powder can also be a challenge. If you haven’t heard of the Ben Nye Luxury powder in the shade ‘Banana’, its time for you to go get one of this! Its yellow shade works on all brown skin tones and doesn’t leave us looking chalky because its shade suits our undertone! beaty2 6. Skin care Do exfoliate your face weekly in order to keep any dead skin cells from sitting on your face. Having a buildup of dead skin cells can leave dark skin looking dull and ashy even after you apply foundation. "You have to take care of your skin first if you want your foundation to look good”. This includes washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing on a regular basis. 7.Eyeshadows There are no excuses for colors we can’t use! Deep skin brings out bright colors the best and the contrast is lovely! Jewel tones like purple, emerald green and Burgundy stand out against deep colors. If you’re opting for a softer look, go for golden/bronzy tones that look amazing against our color as well. Tip : Get eyeshadows that are pigmented so they stand out. Some options would be ‘Morphe Eyeshadow palettes’ , ‘Sugarpill’ or ‘Mac’. beaty3 8.Blusher Bricks and deeper brown reds are great colors for blushes and one of the greatest makeup tips for dark skin. Blush to me is one of the most important pieces of a makeup must have and even if you have darker skin, that's no excuse not to use a bit of blush! beaty4   9.Lip Color Avoid Frosty Colors! Not only will these colors be a little too over the top, but they won't do anything for your beautiful skin! Instead, go with something richer, something with more color that will highlight your lips instead of made them stand out in a negative way. beaty5 10.Eyebrows Finally ladies, the last makeup tips for dark skin is the eyebrow. Whether you are using an eyebrow pencil or you are just tweezing a natural arch, you've got to make sure that you remember your eyebrows! Tip : If you’re opting for a more natural look, just use a wave of mascara over your brow hairs just to add on a lil’ bit of color. beaty6 And there you have it! Tip on accentuating Dark Skin!

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