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Few Ideas to Decorate your Homes this Diwali

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Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of lights in India. Being regarded as victory of evil over darkness, this festival symbolizes the victory of light overt darkness. It occurs on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha of the Hindu cale...

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Get All Your Diwali Shopping at Best Prices on DEI

The most awaited festival of lights is almost round the corner. It’s time to experiment with your clothing style and pick up the latest in vogue unique wear for the perfect festive look. Let’s look at some great mix and match festive wear you ...

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The Odia Society of Singapore

Konark Sun Temple

  The culture, heritage and history of India stretches beyond the current boundary of its existence. Odisha is one such monumental state that encompasses such a historic antiquity. Odisha is known for its famous old names being Kalinga, U...

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Panchamirtham – Nectar Of The Gods


Panchamirtham - a sweet syrup mixture containing five ingredients; milk, honey, yoghurt, sugar & ghee in equal amounts. Why five? Well, according to ancient mythology, each of these ingredients has a significance. Milk represents purity, honey is...

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Pongal – A Versatile Dish

As we are all know, Pongal Festival falls on January 14th, which is widely celebrated in South India. However, India is a huge country with diverse cultures and rich traditions. Besides Pongal, other cultures also celebrate this auspicious day wi...

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Kitchen of India- Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Bringing the Flavours of India to your homes this Holiday! Stay tune to Mouth-Watering Recipes and Stun your Guests with these delicious Dishes! TODAY'S SPECIAL: HYDERABADI CHICKEN BRIYANI     Known as the “City of Pearls...

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Why Online Shopping?!

As a girl, the idea of online shopping initially repelled me. I mean how is shopping through an online portal shopping in any way? There is no browsing, walking through the aisles of many products and no trying on of clothes. As much as I tried to...

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Soon to Launch- DEI!!

It was a Sunday morning. I was at the temple and I had just received a list of items to buy for my housewarming prayers, which were due to take place on Wednesday morning at 4am. Armed with the list, and the knowledge that I would be working for t...

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This Is Why Our Local Indian Food Taste So Good!!

The Singaporean Indian food has its roots back in India, mostly inspired by Tamil cuisine, which is popular among Indians in Singapore. However, North Indian food is also slowly making a mark in the Indian food scene of the island nation. Singaporean...

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