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A bunch of quirky, peculiar characters out to infest the mind of Indians everywhere!

Tum Hi Ho (Acoustic Cover) — Aakash Gandhi

The Deily Buffs are technology freaks, but that never stops them from being crazy out of office. We embrace creativity, serenity and most definitely have a fantastic taste in music especially so to unwind after staring at the pc from dusk till dawn...

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Carrying Off Sarees the Right Way – Mistakes to Avoid!

Sarees are counted as one of the most elegant outfits. Women draped neatly in a saree look both graceful and beautiful. However, many divas end up committing some major faux pas when it comes to carrying off a saree. If you plan to wear a saree anyti...

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8 surprising advantages you never knew you had shopping online!

8 surprising advantages you never knew you had shopping online! With or without underwear Nothing beats the convenience that the online space offers. Where else can you shop at midnight while dressed in your pyjamas all snuggled up. There is...

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Accentuating the Beauty of Dark Skin

  1.Picking the right Foundation Believe me! I know how hard it can be to get the right foundation tones for deep skin, especially over the counter tops in Singapore. Thus a lot of us dark skinned ladies conform to using lighter shades...

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