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Black Friday Fever has taken Little India by a Storm!

If you still think Black Friday is only for Americans then you've definitely been missing out. Over the past few years, the phenomenon of shopping off Thanksgiving supper has gone global. And why shouldn't it? We all love a good deal.

For awhile this somewhat notorious shopping day was associated with images of shoppers scrambling over one another, fighting for flat screen TVs. But those days are gone, and with online sales steadily increasing you can relax and watch Netflix while getting your holiday shopping done in a few clicks.

Black Friday was originally the last Friday of November and the unofficial day that kicked off the holiday shopping season in America during the roaring 1920s. The economy was booming, and as soon as Thanksgiving had wrapped up, shoppers were eager to start preparations for Christmas.

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Then in 1939, the Great Depression hit and the economy was in a state of collapse. That same year, Thanksgiving happened to fall on the fifth Friday of November and retailers were terrified they would go bankrupt as a result of the shopping season being so short. They petitioned to have Thanksgiving changed to the fourth Friday of November and finally in 1941, the bill was passed nationwide. This created a longer shopping season and higher revenues for retailers.

Later, in 1975, The New York Times wrote that Philadelphia police and bus drivers called the day Black Friday because the city became full of smog and traffic from early Christmas shoppers. From then on the name stuck.

Perhaps another reason Black Friday has stuck around is the staggering amount of revenue that it brings in each year. With the exception of the economic downfall of 2008, Black Friday revenues in the U.S. have continually risen every year since 2002. In 2016, according to the National Retail Foundation of America, consumers spent an average of $935.58 per person with gross sales coming in at a whopping $655.8 billion. And, as most retailers make the majority of their annual revenue during the holiday season, Black Friday sales act as the perfect incentive to get shoppers off to a good start.

This year, although Singapore's Orchard Street isn't doing an official Black Friday event, many big brands on the street are offering discounts. After receiving such a positive response last year, both Robinson's and Takashimaya have promotions (Robinson's received five times more customers than usual during their sale days in 2016), and Sephora, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins have followed suit. By the way, doesn't this sound like the perfect opportunity to buy your sister's Christmas gifts? You can thank us later. black friday shopping online

You also shouldn't be surprised to learn that sales from online shopping now make up a huge majority of Black Friday revenues. Which is, of course, why here at DEI have decided to get involved this year. Once holiday shoppers are out, streets and shopping centres are bustling, and going into Little India can mean fighting huge crowds. You'll also find that in Little India, many of our traditional vendors aren't participating in Black Friday sales, but online, we've got the same spices, fresh vegetables, and household goods on sale.

It can seem like a big change to switch to online shopping at first. Going to the supermarket or to Little India is a tradition and many people, particularly older generations, have trouble leaving that behind. But the benefits for the older generations are actually much higher. We've all felt that worry, knowing that our older family members are out fighting their way through crowds just to get their weekly shopping done, and then carrying heavy bags back home with them. But once you show them how easy it is to shop online, they can do it anytime they need to without needing to leave the house. And if they're still under the impression that computers are actually robots, then take the time the do the shopping with them. It's quick, simple, and there's no question you'll be getting the best gifts for Christmas for taking the time to help them out (only joking! Or are we...).

Another bonus? Shopping online often saves money as well, even when it isn't Black Friday. Without the overhead costs of running a brick-and-mortar location, e-commerce sites can offer less of a markup on stocks. And even Mum can't say no to that!

Our Black Friday has shocked our Little India retailers due to the increase of orders. Due to overwhelming requests, are extending it for 1 More Day! So hurry, take advantage of our Black Friday Sale and save up to 70% off on selected items. Spend over $40 and receive Free Delivery. Sale items include a wide selection of fresh and organic produce, household cleaning supplies and a range of products for children. Stock up for the holidays, or enjoy savings on your weekly shopping items!

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