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Carrying Off Sarees the Right Way – Mistakes to Avoid!

Sarees are counted as one of the most elegant outfits. Women draped neatly in a saree look both graceful and beautiful. However, many divas end up committing some major faux pas when it comes to carrying off a saree. If you plan to wear a saree anytime soon, take these tips into consideration to avoid fashion blunders when carrying off the elegant outfit. shutterstock_372567055 (1)   Short on length or too long A saree will look the best on you only when you are comfortable wearing it. A saree that is long for you will make it difficult for you to walk while one that is short will ruin the elegant, feminine feel associated with it. The ideal length is when the saree just hits the floor.   Blouse – Too tight or loose Unlike other clothes in your wardrobe, you don't have to worry about a saree not fitting you in a few years. Whether you put on a few pounds or lose some, there is no way a saree is not going to fit well around you. The only thing you need to care about is the blouse. While getting the blouse stitched, make sure that it is not loose or too tight. A loose blouse will make you appear older than you are and add a clumsy feel to the whole look. A tight blouse on the other hand, will only highlight fat on your arms or back. Your blouse should fit you such that no creases show up. A well-fitting blouse only adds to the overall appeal of the saree. shutterstock_294777563 Not finding the balance Another mistake to avoid while draping a saree is wearing it either too high or too low. A saree draped well over the waist will make you appear like you are straight out from the old era. However, if you drape it too low, it may lose it's feminine appeal, while revealing too much of skin. The right way to carry off a saree is to drape it right below your belly button, so you show just the right amount of skin, and gracefully.   Wrong or too many accessories  It is understandable that you may want to look your best in your best friend's or sister's wedding. However, wearing too many accessories won't help you much in that direction. It's just a function, not an opportunity to flaunt all your accessories. So be picky and go for just one or two of them which suit your look. Another no-no is wearing the wrong accessories. Your favorite bracelet that compliments your little black dress may not go well with your floral printed saree. Also be careful with the bag you pick – your regular office or college bag can be left at home. Go for a small, traditional clutch instead.   Another mistake several women commit while wearing sarees is opting for unflattering footwear. Heels are your best option when it comes to sarees. If you are not confident about pulling off high heels, stick to kitten heels but avoid flats at any cost!

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