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Great Kings used to bathe in this Spice

Alexander the Great

A delicate purple flower sits nestled among the green grass. If you blink, you might miss it. But let’s not miss it, let’s sit down and pick this flower. You examine it carefully. In the middle, there are six stalks, three of them are yellow and ...

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The Odia Society of Singapore

Konark Sun Temple

  The culture, heritage and history of India stretches beyond the current boundary of its existence. Odisha is one such monumental state that encompasses such a historic antiquity. Odisha is known for its famous old names being Kalinga, U...

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Panchamirtham – Nectar Of The Gods


Panchamirtham - a sweet syrup mixture containing five ingredients; milk, honey, yoghurt, sugar & ghee in equal amounts. Why five? Well, according to ancient mythology, each of these ingredients has a significance. Milk represents purity, honey is...

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Pongal – A Versatile Dish

As we are all know, Pongal Festival falls on January 14th, which is widely celebrated in South India. However, India is a huge country with diverse cultures and rich traditions. Besides Pongal, other cultures also celebrate this auspicious day wi...

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Thaipusam through the eyes of a photographer

  My 25th birthday was around the corner and knew nothing about the widely looked upon Hindu festival practiced all over the world by both Hindus and non-hindus. I can’t blame my parents or those around me for this non-education. I just...

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