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DEI supports & salutes Movember Foundation

Movember2017   In this age of digital technology and incessant marketing gimmicks, one often finds a lot of trends starting and going viral. But very few actually make a real difference in the real world. One such trend that caught our attention is the Movember Foundation. For those of you who have somehow managed to still stay clueless about what we are talking about, this is a cause-driven trend that is responsible for thousands of men donning moustaches in order to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer and suicide-related deaths in men.  
The Movember Foundation

Moustache- A defining symbol!

Take a look at present and past societies and you will realise that moustache has always been a symbol of pride, success and even royalty in some cases. In various Indian cultures like Rajputs and Sardar community, a well-kept moustache is a status symbol of power and control. In Chinese philosophy, y a well-grown untrimmed moustache was once known to be a sign of intelligence and wisdom. It was and still is a symbol of success and social liberty in multiple cultures across the globe.  

Movember Foundation – The Stark Reality Men are dying young!

While the moustache is a great source of pride for most men as it differentiates them from the boys, Movember Foundation wants to deliver a very powerful message through their campaign. It is a sad reality that thousands of men die every year from prostate cancer and suicide is the number one cause of death for men under 50. On an average, a man dies 6 years younger than a woman. Medical Research is needed in cancer and suicide awareness campaigns, along with practical psychological support system, need to be built.  This is exactly what Movember Foundation wants to raise awareness and funds for.

A big shout out to all MoBros and MoSistas

Whether you are a MoBro in the middle of raising a healthy moustache or a MoSista supporting the cause, let us raise our hats to you and salute your spirit. Because, beyond all the hoopla of cool hashtags, likes, comments and shares, the most important part is the underlying message that we want the world to hear. Your participation is making a whole lot of difference in someone’s life. That’s the power of this digital age where each of us can contribute with just the click of a button.

The Dei Team Taking Part In Movember

DEI takes the plunge

We here at DEI would like to associate a moustache with a sense of responsibility. Therefore while we participate with our pictures on Instagram, posts on Facebook, Articles on our blogs and other such activities, no charity is complete without monetary contribution. This is the reason why DEI has taken the decision to give S$1 from every order that we receive in the month of November.

No help is ever too small!

A mountain is made up of tiny grains of earth. An ocean is made up of tiny drops. Same way, this campaign or any campaign of this nature requires all of us to participate in whatever way we can. If you can support with funds that is great. You can also donate here but if you are not in a position to do that, you can still sport a moustache & share your pictures online on our IG  @shopdei with the hashtags #DeiSupportsTheMo so that the campaign attracts as much audience as possible. Your one share or post might change someone’s life. Believe in the power of humanity connected through these tiny devices in our hands. So let's all do our part and help raise awareness for an issue that needs all the help it can get. So head on over to dei.com.sg and place your order before 30th November. Every order, we will donate $1.

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