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Kitchen of India- Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani


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Known as the “City of Pearls”, Hyderabad has produced one of the world’s famous briyani- from the fusion of Mughlai and Telugu cuisines.

Apparently, more than 149 versions of briyani exists in Hyderabad and we are glad to present one to you!

Check out the recipe: http://www.erivumpuliyumm.com/2014/12/hyderabadi-chicken-biriyani-step-by.html 

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Enjoy this dish with your loved ones! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)
Ingredients from Dei.com.sg                                     
  To cook rice    Whole spices    To seal the pan
1 Daawat Basmati Rice 1kg   $4.45 13 House Brand Cinnamon Stick 100g  $0.86 26 Selvi's Maidha Flour 500g  $1.18
2 Tata Salt Iodised 500g  $0.50 14 House Brand Cardamon 100g  $1.36 Package  $69.86
3 Selvi's Black Pepper 100g  $1.90 15 Ooty Cloves 200g  $0.92
  To marinate 16 Shahi Jeera 200g  $2.62
4 Fresh Whole Chicken 1kg  $8.15 17 Selvi's Star Anise 100g  $1.20
5 Fresh Garlic 250g+ Ginger 250g  $3.60 18 Mallika Javitri 100g  $5.35
6 Green Chilli 250g  $2.00 19 Bay Leaves 30g  $0.52
7  Natural Yoghurt 250ml  $3.00   To fry 
8 Pattu Cumin Powder 100g  $1.07 20 Fresh Onion (1 pkt)  $4.15
9 Pattu Coriander Powder 100g  $0.60 21 Goldwinner Sunflower Oil (750g)  $3.14
10 House Brand Chilli Powder 125g  $1.06   To garnish
11 Selvi's Turmeric Powder 125g  $1.11 22 Fresh Coriander 250g  $3.60
12 Indian Lemon for the Juice (250g)  $1.50 23 Puthina/Mint Leaves  $1.20
24 Saffron-1g $5.65
25 Enrico Pure Ghee 400g  $6.24

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