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Punjabi suits with the clipper at the back to hug your curves. Yeh or neh?

94544329 We see paparazzi snapping pictures of celebs gorgeously clad in over the top garments and suits. We ogle at them and enviously awe at how perfectly their made up hair complements their gown. We get irked at how they have everything at their disposal to pull off a particular image and give our partners the stare down if they hang their tongues out to the Television set. This is all fair and well. We all have our reasons to want to throw a spear at our television sets. It is quite annoying how media has influenced our judgement of even our daily appearance. No one justifies that we don’t get to see how the red carpet walkers look during their daily routine to the grocery store. No one has the time to look like they are getting married every day. That isn’t practical. But! there are the simplest things that we should take the effort or time to do. Our topic of concern is the clippers which pose the façade of a tailored Punjabi suit. It’s completely understandable if it’s a last minute adjustment as a fix due to the lack of time. But, unfortunately it has almost become a fashion norm. It boils down to how much effort one takes to pull off an image. Walking down Little India to shop for a suit figuring outthe bang for your buck, and at the same time finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task. Some settle with a second option that requires a little adjustment simply because getting to the next shop is just not an option with the weather. Fair enough. This adjustment however has to be calculated and measured. Not solved with a clipper that pulls, tugs and creates creases that are not meant to be part of the suit. A simple visit to the tailor solves the problem with the added advantage of perfecting every other little adjustment that could potentially make the suit look fitted. Picture a man in a suit that is twice his size. One that looks like it’s draped on for the sake of looking professional. Picture another with a slim cut, tailored, sharp flawless suit that complements his physique. That is literally how the Punjabi suit looks with a clipper and without one. If you’re perfectly fine with something that fits the purpose; than it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. But stop hitting your partner on his head because a Bollywood Punjabi suit evoked his attention. If you took the effort and he still ogles, than hey, at least you tried! So the answer i: It’s a neh! Do look out for our next article under fashion with tips on shopping for a Punjabi suit and points to note when planning on altering a ready made suit!   fashion

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