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Pusba’s Masala

We would like to begin by asking you a question. When it comes to choosing your masala, do you prefer quality over name brand? Would you like to choose a masala that has been uniquely crafted to bring out the flavour of your food? Or would you like something that is mass-produced for a tidy profit?

No doubt, you would want something that has been created with care. A masala that is as aromatic as it is tasty. This is where Pusba’s strength lies. They have created an innovative line of delectable masalas, all uniquely formulated to bring out the best flavour in all your food.

Pusba’s Masala Masala- Should It Be Generic?

Many people consider Masala to be a generic blend of spices that can be used with everything and anything. But is that the case? There are more variations out there than you might be aware of. In today’s flashy world, the big brands bury you in so much advertising- it gets hard to breathe. They want you to believe that their product is the only answer. But the true spice connoisseurs have had enough. They have decided to share their knowledge, and benefit your taste buds too. Pusba’s has created a line of masalas that adapts to every unique taste.

Doesn’t that make sense though? Like each person, each type of meat is unique. They have their own distinct odours and flavours. You cannot use the same blend of spices to season chicken as you would mutton, for example.

A Unique Approach:

Unfortunately, massive industries today do not care about the needs of the individual. The big boys are only concerned about profit. They want to sell as many products as possible, so they create a generic product that they believe will appeal to the masses. They probably wouldn’t even eat their own products.

But you are not part of the masses. You are an individual with a finely-tuned palate. What you like, may not necessarily be what the next person likes. And don’t you deserve a plate of food suited to your needs?

True, you may have made a generic blend work for you. But imagine what you could do with a blend of spices that highlight your cooking in ways you never imagined were possible? Up until now, you have been limited in what you could use. And you have done very well. So, imagine what you could achieve with a superior blend at an excellent price?

Masala Should Work for You.

How can you recognize a quality blend of masala spices? Masala usually has a base blend of black and white peppercorns, cloves, black and white cumin, cinnamon and cardamom pods. This blend gives off a unique scent and colour that you are familiar with.

Source - NDTV Food

Contrary to popular belief, however, this is not the perfect blend that works well with every type of dish. Pusba’s features variations for every dish. The beloved base is still there, but it has been finely tuned with other spices to create the right variation for every dish.

This dedication is proven when you look at the fact that Pusba’s even has a masala variation for crabs, and a separate one for prawns. While most name-brand companies would group the two under the same category, the founders behind Pusba’s masala know better.

Due to its popularity, we are having a promotional sale for the crab curry. It is going at only a $1 a packet! To sweeten the deal, we will give you get a prawn masala pack free with every purchase of crab masala. That is how confident we are in this product. Once you get a taste, you will never let it go to waste! That is a guarantee.

Crab Curry Masala Masala should work in harmony with your cooking. You should not have to adapt your cooking to someone else’s blend? It is easy enough to say that you should create your own blend, but who has time for that in this busy world? Beyond the Norm

In recent years, people have noticed the value of Pusba’s masala. Their customers have appreciated their unique, and personalised approach to the world of spices. And so, they decided to enhance the exclusivity of their brand with a range of Perattal (a dried version of curry) and Varuval (frying batter).

Premium Mutton Curry and Perattal: Forget ordinary mutton curry, this premium blend is prepared with a delicious concentrated combination of spices. When you are busy cooking the curry, it will become thicker and thicker, until it becomes pastier than a normal curry. This not only complements the flavours, but also creates a delightful texture that all your friends and family will envy. Where did you learn to cook like that? From Pusba’s, or course! Premium Mutton Varuval: The unique experience of Pusba’s spices should not only be reserved for curries and stews. This varuval mixture is perfect for when you want to stir-fry your mutton. The meat absorbs the flavours, infusing the two until they become the perfect blend of texture and flavour. It is also a great side dish for your favourite curries!   The Health Benefits: Their focus is not just on flavour, it is also on the health benefits that can be gained from using masala. Here are just a few of the benefits that can be gained from using excellent masala blends.
  • Reduces any pain or inflammation
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Helps to fight disease and build immunity
  • Lowers glycaemic levels, as well as blood sugar levels
  • Detoxes your body
  • Eliminates bloating
  • Reduces heartburn
  • Fixes gastrointestinal problems
Store-bought vs Homemade:
Source - Yuppie Chef
Many people believe that making your own spices at home is the best way to go. We do agree that this is better than buying your spices from a shop, but there are a few factors to consider first.
  1. You might not be able to find all the spices to create the right masala blend
  2. Ingredients can be expensive
  3. It takes a lot of time and specialised knowledge.
It is harder than it looks to create a masala blend. This might leave you feeling a little frustrated, because you are not getting the flavours you want from one of the generic big boy brands that seem to be in every supermarket. Should you give up and just buy what everyone else is buying? No!                                                     

You and your family deserve better than that. Pusba’s is a happy medium. They do all the work for you, even including a few spices that will enrich your food, that you have never even heard of. You can buy it at an amazing price, without worrying if you’re getting a quality blend.

Pusba’s Masala- One of The Good Guys

If you could do what was right, would you not do it? This is the mentality behind Pusba’s masala. They can enhance your cooking just by doing what they do best. Go on, take the leap… You know you want to!

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