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Soon to Launch- DEI!!

shutterstock_169716548 It was a Sunday morning. I was at the temple and I had just received a list of items to buy for my housewarming prayers, which were due to take place on Wednesday morning at 4am. Armed with the list, and the knowledge that I would be working for the next two days and would not have time to make another trip down to Serangoon Road, I proceeded to Jothi Store to buy everything that was set out on my list. While I could have pawned this task off to my parents, they are old and get tired easily. I did not want to trouble or tire them. So despite my trepidation, including the fact that I did not know what half the items on the list were, I trudged down to Serangoon Road.  shutterstock_259505552 (1) Given that it was a Sunday, it was clearly crowded. Half of  Singapore’s Indian population had descended upon Serangoon Road to grocery shop, eat , socialize etc. I made my way into a very crowded Jothi Store and managed to catch the eye of a very helpful assistant. I gave him the list. He glanced at it and exclaimed “oh House warming?! No problem”.  He then told me to leave my details and come back in another hour or so while they packed the stuff. But he said, the flowers, they will wilt. So you come back on Tuesday to buy them. If you want, you can collect everything one shot on Tuesday. shutterstock_340022702 I did not want to come back on Tuesday. But I knew I could not possibly have wilting flowers at the prayers. So I agreed to come back on Tuesday. It was after this that my brain went into overdrive. I had to take two trips down to Serangoon Road just for one event. To place the order and then to collect the order. Life would have been so much simpler if Jothi store had a delivery service. This train of thoughts then led me to wonder how much more easy life would be if I never had to make a trek down to Serangoon Road and could order everything from the comfort of my house and have it delivered. I mean hundreds of people buy houses and conduct house warming prayers. The store assistants at Jothi clearly knew what items I had to buy. They could offer packages! This cuts down my work by loads, I would not even have to go through item by item. The idea of collaborating with Jothi Store to form an online marketplace took shape in head. As  my team and I had discussions with Jothi, we came to realize, that an indian online marketplace, which offered goods from several shops in the little india belt may actually make sense for many consumers. I mean if we were going online, why not go big and try to involve as many stores as possible.  And this idea led to the collaboration between Auberon I and Lisha and to the birth of Dei.com.sg!! DSC_0077 (1) Dei.com.sg is an online marketplace selling products from Little India. Online marketplaces are not new. Online shopping is prevalent world wide and it is about time our local indian community jumped on the bandwagon. This website allows vendors to sell their products online with a delivery service thrown in. It gives consumers another option as to how they wish to go about fulfilling their Deily Indian needs. We will be offering a range of services on our website. From groceries, beauty products, apparel, travel vouchers etc. Essentially, the more vendors that come on board, the wider the range of products sold. Right now we have about 15 vendors on board, including, Jothi Store, House Brand Masala, Selvi Stores, Karthigaas. DSC_0136 The website goes officially online on 15th April 2016. The launch takes place during Indian Cultural Fiesta 2016 at Campbell Lane @ 6.30pm. Do join us if you are free!

On behalf of the team from dei.com.sg we thank everyone for the overwhelming support and look forward to your usage of Dei.com.sg!

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