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Treating/Concealing Under Eye Circles for Indian Women; Oppanai By Sanch

shutterstock_81486166   I’m covering a very popular topic and perhaps the most important one for every Indian woman to learn about. Concealing under eye darkness. Well ladies We’ve all got it. It’s here to stay. Under eye darkness is hugely prevalent among us South Asian women. It can be a result of bone structure and genetics.   shutterstock_328114568   What are the common causes: • Heredity • Allergies • Sleep deprivation • Oversleeping • Stress • Iron deficiency • Minor trauma • Crying • Life style(Excessive smoking or drinking can contribute to under-eye circles) • Fluid retention • Skin pigmentation abnormalities • Excessive exposure to the sun • Age I have dark circles all my life. Its in my genes. My grandma, dad, uncle, aunt & even cousins have it. It can make you look tired and older than your age. I would have had 10 hours of sleep, all made up for a family function. People would still come up to me and ask, you had a late night?, you look tired! you should rest! My mind voice: “wow you are so generous with your comments. Thanks for making my day!” So i started to read on it and find remedies or cures but sadly there isn’t any to completely eliminate it.   shutterstock_278362445 (1)   Though it’s impossible to get rid of it completely, there are some tips and tricks that can help reduce the appearance of under eye darkness. • Almond oil. Using your ring finger, gently massage almond oil around your eyes • Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated, it’ll help keep your skin plump and dewy. If you are dehydrated, your under eye circles or hollows will only look darker and will take on a papery consistency. • Eat healthy, take your multivitamins. EAT YOUR GREENS. Darkness around the eyes could be a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiency. • Sleep well. Well-rested eyes are happy eyes! • Use an eye cream… Very important! Many say eye creams are a waste of money or doesn't work. Trust me, it does. Use it religiously cause its very important to keep your under eye hydrated and moisturized. It can definitely reduce the dark circles, under eye creases and lines that will appear as you are age. Not only hydrated skin but under eye too. • Don’t be sad about it. Do NOT use fairness creams, they could cause terrible damage to your eyes. they contain bleaching products and it will only worsen them. Accept your under eye darkness… remember, your favorite Bollywood stars, from actress Rani Mukherjee to Sonam Kapoor, all have under eye darkness, and use makeup to hide it! You’re not alone!   shutterstock_377292385 Those are just a few ways you can try to lighten the skin under or around your eyes. But for many girls, these home remedies are simply not enough. That’s when we turn to concealer.   shutterstock_92262805   Be sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone. Most people think the lighter the shade of concealer, the brighter it will look under the eyes, but applying a much lighter shade of concealer than your skin tone can actually backfire and cause the skin to look ashy instead of natural. First choose a concealer shade that matches your under eye tone. Apply that directly to your under eye area and not anywhere below that. Then apply your normal shade concealer which should match the rest of your face colour. You might want to go a shade lighter on the concealer tone for under the eyes, but make sure it still blends with your natural skin tone, so it looks seamless." Start to lightly blend both the shades until you get the desired coverage you want. You can use a foundation brush, Beautyblender sponge, or your fingers to blend concealer under the eyes. Finally, remember that a little goes a long way. When concealer starts to cake, or looks heavy under the eyes, it can actually make you look more tired and becomes noticeable. Blending little by little is best, until you get just the right amount of coverage.”   shutterstock_310573730   Nothing beats a beautifully natural homemade remedy that destroys all your skin issues. DIY mask to help reduce your Acne, under eye circles and wrinkles Things you need: Besan flour - 2 tablespoons Tumeric powder - 1 teaspoon Almond oil - 1 tablespoon Milk - 5-6 tablespoon Mix altogether till you make a thick paste. Wash your face clean and apply all over your face with a brush or your fingers. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Pat dry and apply your under eye cream and enjoy your beautiful skin!!   IMG_2004

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