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Why Online Shopping?!

As a girl, the idea of online shopping initially repelled me. I mean how is shopping through an online portal shopping in any way? There is no browsing, walking through the aisles of many products and no trying on of clothes. As much as I tried to resist, I was eventually won over. So why online shop? While there are many reasons, these are my top 2!.
  1. The convenience cannot be overstated
online shopping                   At the click of your mouse is an often repeated phrase. This cannot be truer. I can shop in my pyjamas at midnight. I do not have to wait in line to buy my goods. I do not have to catch the attention of a disinterested sales assistant.
  1. Organization
For instance, if I am at a saree shop, I walk along the aisles hoping that something catches my eye. After that, I have to convince the reluctant sales assistant to pull out that certain saree for me to look at. Or worse still, I tell the sales assistant I want a certain style and she pulls out so many sarees of something other than what I want and they all look bad. This  means I see a lot of sarees I don’t want and more often than not, I end up not finding the saree I want – unless I go through every single saree and find something. The best thing about online shopping is I don’t have to do that. I can browse through the entire collection available online. I would have an idea how it looks draped on me based on the images. I am also able to filter down to the styles or colours I want. This certainly beats the mindless mess, I am confronted with when I am at a shop. This holds true for grocery shopping also! A simple search leads me to the product I want as opposed to walking up and down the aisles to find a particular product! Apart from these two reasons there are of course other reasons. The deals, the discounts, the privacy are all plus points for me! Banners_Brands_5_(2) And all these pluses pre-offered by dei! What are you waiting for? Shop now at www.dei.com.sg !

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